Drafty Windows

Drafty Windows







A constant complaint of home owners is a drafty house in the winter. Now is a great time to check the seal at your windows to see if you get a draft. This is a great and easy DIY project for a fall weekend with great weather. Like…this weekend!

Here’s what to do…

1] Check your windows for a draft. A good way of gauging is holding a lit candle up to the window and see if the candle flame bends.

2] Go to the exterior of your drafty window and remove the old caulking.  This can be done by using caulk softener and scraping with a putty knife. Caulking can dry and crack easily in the hot summer months. It’s best to remove as much as possible so the new caulking can adhere properly.

3] You will notice large and small gaps to be filled.  Polyurethane caulk does a great job of filling both. Cut the caulking tip at a 45 degree angle, load it into a caulking gun and apply in a smooth and even stroke. You can wet your finger or use a caulking tool to smooth the caulking once it’s applied. It takes about 15 hours to dry.

4] Go inside and enjoy a warmer home for the season! Oh, and enjoy lower energy bills as well!

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