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thanksgiving is just a little over a week away. and as if the grocery shopping and food prep weren’t enough for you to feel overwhelmed– there’s that pesky holiday decor thing. maybe you are hosting the party this year and are looking for some new ways to spruce up your style to wow your guests! well, have no fear. we at style|house realty have scoured the web looking for some great ideas.

 a great idea from martha stewart’s page! clear glass candle holders wrapped with festive thanksgiving colored tissue paper. just make sure the tea candle’s flame does not get near the paper!

what a great and easy idea! also, this is a great project for your children to do. all you need is to pick up some gourds and pumpkins from your local grocery store, get a sharpie, and a stencil if you would like [a print out from the computer in the front and size you want works just as well] . a common thread this year are simple colors and keeping a monotone palate.

one of the easiest ideas with a classic look. this has a great look and will save you loads of time.

talk about an interesting table piece that will surely be a topic of discussion around your thanksgiving feast. pumpkins, gourds, tape, and paint of your choice is all you will need for this bold idea.

if you are going for a rustic look, this will complete your table. this requires some corn, twine, a candle/candle holder, and maybe another set of hands.

enjoy these fresh ideas to make your place THE home for the holidays!

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