do it yourself saturday: soy candles

the cold is rapidly approaching. now is a perfect time to take advantage of those cold saturdays and sundays inside and try a craft– making soy candles. and who knows? maybe you can give out some as gifts this holiday. or better yet, use them at open houses if you are selling your home [with style|house realty of course!].

soy candles are great because they are good on the environment and a lot easier to clean up than wax candles. you can get all of the supplies from your local craft store. try it out for yourself:


what you will need:

• soy wax, glass container[s], wick [cotton with assemblies], wick bar, fragrance oil of your choice, dye chips, hot plate, thermometer

what you need to do:

• melt 1lb [16 oz.] of sox wax in a double boiler by heating it to 185F.

• next, add the color chip of your choice. to avoid bad color distribution add the color chip at a little bit of a higher temperature.

• add [about- depending on your scent strength preference] 1oz. of the fragrance oil of your choice. make sure to stir well and remove it from the heat so the fragrance does not evaporate.

• heat your glass container slightly in boiling water.

• make sure your wax cools to about 125F and slowly pour the wax into the heated container[s]

• insert the wick using the wick bar guide into the center of the candle.

• lastly, let the candle cool for about 12-15 hours, cut the wick to 1/4″ and enjoy!

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