trending on tuesday: unique flooring

today’s home owner is constantly looking for ways to personalize their home. one trend is to go beyond the typical vinyl, ceramic, or porcelain tile, and traditional hardwood flooring and go to something a little more…unique.  here are some of the new trendy flooring ideas. warning: these are certainly not for everyone!

stained concrete can be done in any color you choose and you can design a pattern layout for your floor.

this brings a whole new meaning to wood flooring.


great idea for a child's play room.

penny flooring. certainly unique and probably not a project for anything other than a small bathroom or mud room.


this crocodile-skin-looking wooden floor by Quadrolengo is more on the trendy than timeless side. might be a great addition to a uber modern room.

ready for the most unique flooring? this flooring by Branch Home is definitely out there! and for over $70/sqft it's probably out of your budget as well.

if you are looking to do some renovations on your home with the intention to sell soon after, there are two schools of thought- something unique will stand out to buyers- or it can alienate the masses! so, consult a realtor [us at style|house realty, preferably of course] and|home stager to see what is your best option.

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