let’s get real wednesday: weathering the winter storms

snow and ice are just around the corner. and, oh no, you were thinking of putting your home on the market [with style|house realty, right? of course]. with some further prepping it is completely feasible to make showing your house easy– and festive for those house hunters.

• if it is snowing, continually shovel your sidewalk. a fresh footprint can turn slick and icy if not scraped. make sure that you think about how the visitors of your open house will be entering. maybe a full path from the street to your door? parking their car in your driveway and walking to the door from there? make sure your home is as easy to enter as possible. don’t leave your guests guessing or stepping over snow drifts. it’s also best to throw down salt or sand for added security.

• the open house visitors get inside your home– now what? their boots, coats, and umbrellas are wet– which means traipsing around your clean, open-house-prepped home in all of their winter glory. there are a few things you can do to remedy this situation. put down a rubber mat at the door, coat hooks, and an umbrella holder right by the entrance. also, don’t be afraid to make it mandatory that all visitors remove their shoes at the door. it might be viewed as a nuisance, but think about it. if you were buying a home wouldn’t you want to know that the current owners were taking great care of your future home? shoes off, please.

• use the holidays to your advantage. you were going to decorate anyway so this time of year makes it particularly easy. use your typical holiday decor and throw in some touches– like more throw pillows and big, soft, blankets hanging from the back of a chair. make your home as comfy as possible.

• it’s also a great time for holiday scents. you can put out a few candles in apple, cinnamon, or pine. but, remember, don’t go overboard. you want to keep the open house guests at your place as long as possible. over doing it might make them want to leave.

• light is scarce in the winter. make sure all, and i mean ALL [yes, even every single closet light] of your lights are on and all of your curtains are wide opened.

• and lastly. nothing will keep your potential buyers in your home longer than a nice warm home. set your thermostat 2 degrees higher than usual. people will be coming in and out so you want to make sure to maintain a cozy temperature. if you have a fireplace- light it- just make sure to put a gate in front of it first for safety.

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