do it yourself saturdays: trimming the tree

thanksgiving is over and for a good portion of us that celebrate christmas, now is the time that we start hanging those lights and decking the halls. and although there are many people nowadays that buy artificial trees, there is still a majority that buy the real deal. but, how to make the tree last the entire christmas season? here are just a few small tips to see the green your entire holiday season:

• go to a local tree farm and get a fresh cut tree. this makes sure the tree is fresh [and is also better for the environment– it’s renewable because you know other trees will be planted each year and it cuts down on carbon emissions compared to trees that are shipped in from elsewhere].

• if you bought a pre-cut tree make sure to cut about an inch off of the bottom yourself. this will help the tree absorb water better when it is in it’s tree stand.

• before strapping that tree to the roof of your car it might be best to wrap the tree in a plastic tarp to make sure it stays safe on the ride home.

• make sure to get the tree in water as soon as you get home. the stand needs to be filled daily as fresh cut christmas trees absorb water rapidly.

• some food for thought. or some thought about food, rather. there are conflicting stories, but an old trick that is believed by some to keep the tree and pine needles fresh is adding a tablespoon or two of sugar or aspirin into the water as food for the tree. others say that it has no affect on the tree. it doesn’t harm the tree, so why not give it a try?

• picking where you place the tree in your living room makes a big difference. try to keep the tree away from fireplaces and heat vents|sources. these things will only dry out your tree and make it become brittle.

• lastly, use LED lights– they last longer and they do not emit as much heat as regular christmas lights. again, the heat can dry out the tree.

hope these tips are useful in keeping your home merry the entire holiday season!

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