do it yourself saturday: holiday crafting

here is an easy indoor craft to fill your saturday or sunday afternoon. it looks chic and is extremely easy to do- especially if you have scraps of wood laying around your garage. otherwise, you can go to your local hardware store to get thin pieces of wood to make scraps [or ask them, they may have some scraps that they would love to get rid of].

all this project requires is a big, clear work table, newspaper to do the work on, a round object with as big of a circumference as you’d like for the opening of your wreath, and some wood glue or a hot glue gun.

grab your round object- i suggest a big coffee tin [like maxwell house coffee tin] to start. from there, start randomly gluing pieces together around the can. this builds the opening of your wreath. let these pieces dry and then build out your wonderfully random wreath from there! hot glue is hot, of course, so be careful especially if you have any children helping you with this project. also, hot glue dries extremely fast, but can be messy. wood glue is great and dries strong, but it takes a little while to set. be as creative as you want- you can paint the wood pieces, put glitter on them, or decorate it to fit your holiday motif. you can even incorporate sticks or pine cones you find in the yard.

once you’ve built your wreath to your liking let it dry over night. ┬átie ribbon or twine to your wreath and you are set to hang it, or just leave it on your mantel as shown above.

happy holiday crafting!
















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