modern mondays: home is where the hearth is

as frank lloyd wright believed, the fireplace was meant to be the center of the home, the heart, where the family would gather. he used them as both an architectural and spiritual pillar of the home. so today’s blog post is a look at some of the cozy, modern, and unique fireplaces.

beautiful reclaimed wood fireplace adds drama and showcases the height of the room.

rustic and peaceful fireplace with a strong mantel as a focal point.

cetnral, "see-through" fireplace becomes the architectural pillar for the entire home to enjoy.

simple and sleek fireplace

this looks like it has come right off of the pages of a fairytale. i know i wouldn't mind curling up in front of this beauty to read a book on a lazy afternoon!

not sure whether this is a fireplace or a piece of art. perfect for social gatherings.

modern and complex, this fireplace is more than just a mantel plastered to the wall. it's entire form and function is seamless as it blends with the stairs.

ok, so maybe gluing a mantel to a wall sometimes can be just as great.

simple and minimalistic space with the fireplace as the central gathering spot. frank would be proud.

this is about as cozy as they get and would make me feel like i was livinig at the north pole. beautiful!

understated and cozy, this fireplace warms your entertaining space perfectly.


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