modern mondays: getting all of your ducks in a row

baltimore is well known for it’s plethora of row homes. but what about row homes around the planet? let’s have a look-see at some of baltimore’s competition!

our first stop, baltimore. ok, so these aren't technically row homes, but they are close enough and a great modern addition to the baltimore area done by the local architect, peter fillat.

did you know that amsterdam is considered the venice of the north? take a look at their amazing row homes on their canals!

a modern row home in chicago's ukranian village.

a modern japanese row home. japanese architecture is known for their minimalistic approach and pure form.

another US city known for it's row homes-- san fransisco.

in a sea of traditional homes, this modern home dares to be different in london.

the contemporary block house design by moto designshop in philadelphia. again, looking at the juxtaposition of the modern against the traditional.

want to live in a work of art? try this row home in the netherlands.

a community of modern row homes in norway.

our nation's capital is known for it's traditional architecture in the classic colonial style. however, there are always a few modern row homes that stand out in the crowd.

ok, so amsterdam isn't only known for it's recreational activities. it is a city full of culture and amazing architecture. homes there are a lot more than just being about function.


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