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even though most of us will probably never be this fortunate, but for those of whom that are, garages are no longer that shed in the back of the house. oh, no, no. some are inhabitable and others are works of art that may showcase a car [or dare i say it, care collections]. if you are building a garage, why not add a small studio loft to make the most of space and your money? you may not have the budget for something as extravagant as these, but what you can take away from it is to personalize and play up every bit of real estate you have. in today’s market a well-taken-care-of garage can be a huge selling point. maybe a bright color to paint the door? fresh landscaping? there is something out there for everyone, so take a look at these photos and use them to draw inspiration!

interior space above the garage maximizes it's use

ivy can look beautiful on stone and brick when done properly. and there are many great stone and brick homes in baltimore!

this person wanted to feature their vehicle in their home by making it viewable from the main living space.

a more modest garage, but still just as beautiful! the fresh paint and decorative hinges make this garage's curb appeal stellar.

to be honest, i'm not really sure what is going on here with this garage or garages? is this one massive garage for one person? or multiple? either way, an EXTREMELY cool and original garage!

again, another modest garage with a beautiful roof, fresh paint, and gorgeous landscaping. this is certainly attainable!

is your car a part of your family? for this family it was! one open, large, space-- and in a temperate climate you can leave the doors open!

modest-sized modern garage and work area! it may only fit one car, but there is tons of work and storage space left.

maybe just have the budget for new garage doors? try something unique like these to bring that wow factor!

cohesive curb appeal. maybe try matching your garage door with the doors and windows on your home.

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