let’s get real wednesdays: legwork to a cakewalk

if you are looking to do some remodeling before listing your home, you should do some legwork first. you are probably looking to make a profit on the money you spend in your renovation, so being as detailed as possible is crucial. first, start by determining what your budget is. then, decide what you want done to your home and make a list in order of importance– things you definitely want done and other things that aren’t as important (if during the process you start reaching the end of your budget). it might be best to allow a certain amount of money for projects or problems that come up during the renovation process– they usually always happen, and if not, then you save some cash or can tackle another project.

next, it is important to do your research and get the names of about 3 licensed contractors. ask them to visit your home and come do a scope of work to give you a bid. it’s important to let them know what your budget is so they can price accordingly or to help you prioritize even more. things in their work can vary greatly, so this is really important. want new windows? they can range between about $400-$1300 a piece. if you want to go a step further, you can pick fixtures, windows, tile, and any other product before meeting with the contractors. the more detailed you are to begin with, the better, more accurate prices they can give you! if you do the legwork, the rest of the process will be more of a cakewalk!

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