despite what many people think, green design is here to stay. as with all building practices, things evolve, better materials are created and what one person once thought impossible to be more than a fad, is now part of our lives. between saving energy with energy star appliances to a full spectrum solar panel system to be ‘off the grid’, green design and green homes come in an array of choices.
here at style|house, we know green.

with baltimore’s first certified eco-broker® as the owner, you can be assured that if you have some green features in your home, this is the brokerage to represent you and the efficient house you have created. if you are forward thinking and know you want a home to make others green with envy. you have come to the right site.

if you are planning on doing renovations in your home, there is nothing quite like passing on energy savings to potential future home owners to differentiate your home from others.

in our search section, you can browse current green homes on the market, contact us personally to find you something, or just use this site to educate yourself more by browsing through some of the best green sites on the paperless web.

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