At Style House Realty we are on a mission to gather information that helps us better serve our clients. We are oh-so-very interested in lifestyles. Why? Simple. We believe that it is and should be one of the main factors for choosing your nest.

How does this help you? By knowing the general demographics of whom are moving, where they are moving, and why they are moving helps us with marketing and servicing our clients. For example, if we are listing your home to sell and we know people from one area of Baltimore tend to move there, we could aggressively market your home to the people that matter. It can save our clients’ homes time on the market– and most importantly– save our clients money. If you are a buyer looking for a home, we can better match your lifestyle with areas that would work for you based on trends we have found.

And, one last thing. We believe this information is so useful to every agent in the area that we decided to share our results with them in our monthly newsletter, the Style House Realty Trends Report.

Here’s what we have so far.

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